Monday, October 10, 2011

The Weeknd - Initiation

Really trip new joint from The Weeknd. "The Morning" this ain't.

Initiation - The Weeknd

Hot on the heels of Thursday's brilliant experimentations with genre and sonic atmosphere, it looks like Abel Tesfaye & co. are looking ever forward. There's shit going down here production-wise that blows my mind.

And yet, miraculously, the song itself still manages to give you just "What You Need" (sorry) – a dark, driving, chopped up beat; an eerie vocal melody, distorted and pitch-shifted to hell and back; then, of course, there's Tesfaye's trademark lyrical menace.

The content is familiar, to say the least: some poor girl gets sucked into a dark underground world of sex, drugs, and fame, where power games and depraved hedonism are the norm. But with every track the Weeknd put out, the menace of Tesfaye's lyrics seems to be reflected more and more in the sonic atmosphere of the songs themselves, and I'll be bold to say that this might be the most beautifully paranoid and dramatic track they've put out so far. You actually feel scared listening to it, and I feel that most music doesn't do that nearly enough nowadays.

Keep your eyes on the OVOXO, kids. Toronto's doing seriously big things right now, and Drake's new album has the Weekend all over it.

Go get Thursday and House of Balloons for FREE. Best decision you'll make today.

Lobster out.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . B O N U S . S W A G . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

Beautiful collab from two UK electronica legends, Burial and Massive Attack (pre-order the vinyl HERE because there will be no digital release), slated for an October 17th release. Found this over at Live For The Funk.

Sky Raper (Shlohmo Remix) - Comfort Fit

An old Shlohmo track I dug up, show the boy some love and go buy Bad Vibes (which I'll be reviewing shortly)

Nope - CBG (Chill Black Guys)

And finally, on an entirely different note, some swagged-out L.A. shit I found over at WEDIDIT. For anyone who would prefer the party in this video over one of the Weeknd's typical jaunts.

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