Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Album A Day I: Tegan And Sara's The Con (2007)

Girl bands are awesome. So are family bands. So.. a family girl band? These guys would be awesome even if the The Con wasn’t an absolute gem of songwriting. But gender and genetics aside, this IS a gem of songwriting. I’ve never called anything that before, because for years I never really even paid attention to lyrics as an integral part of music. This album showed me the error of my ways. It came into my hands and I found myself in a conversation with the recommender (my girlfriend) about how lyrics are much of what matters for her when listening. Living with The Con for a day or two has convinced me.

The music in this album is purposeful. Not the most intricate, multi-instrumented, harmonically complex of albums, it would be easy to dismiss it as boring and straightforward. However, that’s what is so magical about it - it is straightforward. This is an honest, direct style of music that grabs me and makes me listen. The lyrics, however, make The Con what it is. The lyrics follow (what i see as) the course of a divorce of a young marriage, beginning with “I Was Married” and ending with “Call It Off.” They are accessible, clever and, well, lyrical. The music and lyrics accompany each other so perfectly that each song has a one-ness that is really sublime. At the end you aren’t left wanting more, you are left wanting another listen, just to catch another word of the Con’s story.


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