Thursday, January 20, 2011

Prof Logik - audible palindrome

found this in my inbox today. i have heard of Mr. Logik from friends but hadn't had the presence of mind to check him out.. well i did. its kind of different from most of the electronica stuff that we post, but three things aren't any different: creative synths, heavy bass, and smashing beats. The track 'Astrobump' seems to just be random, tempo-less bleeps until a fat bass comes in. Or 'Bit By Bit', which is a Shlohmo-esque, ominous thumper. To me, there is no more reassuring music than the music you can feel patting you on the back. Or is it vibrating your thorax? hard to tell. Anyway, this is certainly worth your time and bandwidth. Best part is: ITS FREE. Get it. No excuses!

Astrobump - Prof Logik

Prof Logik - Audible Palindrome (FREE AT SKEW RECORDS)

ps: i tried listening to it backwards. its not an audible palindrome. I know, drat, but it is a good title nonetheless!

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