Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baths Goes Acoustic (for the most part)!!!

Been waiting for some solid recordings of Baths' piano stylings. Mr. Wiesenfeld (see related posts HERE) just released For The Deepest Quiet, It Beats, a free EP of (mostly) acoustic jams, via indie music haven Daytrotter. You have to get an account to download the whole thing, which kinda blows, but here's a sampler (i.e., half the EP). As one might expect, it's freakin' awesome. :D

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Reminisce - Baths {{ GrAnD ~ StAmP ~ oF ~ aPpRoVaL }}

Absolutely beautiful. Simple but poignant vocals, heartstring-pulling chords...this dude is making the music I WISH I could be making right now, and he's been doing so pretty consistently for a good half a year now to boot. Grab this track if nothing else.

The Water (feat. Dosh) - Baths

He introduced this as "The Water, pt. II" when I saw him debut it live last year at a warehouse party in August, presumably because his earlier project, [Post-foetus], also had a track called "The Water." But I guess he's differentiated them. An ode to the element of his namesake, featuring Dosh on drums. Patkins should dig.

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The other two tracks on the EP are a wonderful acoustic version of "Plea," and a glitchy beat music jam called "1149k." Both of those are a valid reason to go grab the EP. So you should. Even if you have to input your email address and sign up for yet another meaningless account, remember: it's free, it's good, and it won't take but two minutes. So it must be worth it.

The Water - [Post-foetus]

The "pt. I" of the aqueous (and homonymous) song posted above. From the gorgeous experimental electronic journey known as The Fabric, out on Mü-Nest. [ iTunes ]

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