Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper Diamond - Levitate

if Paper Diamond is a new name to you, its not your fault. If Alex B is a new name to you, though, you've been missing out on some awesome beat music. We have posted on Mr. B before, and Paper Diamond is his new alias. With a debut EP. A FREE debut EP. and you know how we love free EPs from our favorite producers. Its absolutely excellent - fat bass, levitous synths... definitely cop this shit. Less abstract/atmospheric than his other stuff, but that not at all a bad thing. Without further adue: 

Paper Diamond - Levitate EP at Pretty Lights Music (Free)

i'm rocking out right now.

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  1. LOVE that he got signed by Pretty Lights (who's basically the go-to instrumental-hip-hop king of high music ever), it makes perfect sense.