Thursday, January 13, 2011


This is a long post and its late so i will be quick about it, but theres a lot i have to share.

A. If you don't already know, FlyLo has come out with another piece of his black magic to scan a Cosmogramma proof of purchase (be it booklet, cd, vinyl label, whatever) to give you a free download of alt takes from the album. Do it if you bought it. They are awesome (cf attached example). 
Cosmogramma Trigger/// ///Galaxy in Janaki (2008 Version) - Flying Lotus

B. Daedelus has done a mix for International Tapes. I have yet to listen, but the track list is all over the place. If you know Daedelus' live performance, you know that is the best thing you could possibly ask for. Its bound to be epic. 
We All Have Magical Properties Mixtape - Daedelus @ International Tapes (via 92bpm)

C. One of Passion Pit's members has put together a mixtape (released through RCRDLBL) that includes some really good remixes by PP as well as some other very cool tracks that they like (including an awesome remix of Proxy's 8000). Check that out, its free and we love them.
Passion Pit Mixtape @ RCRDLBL


Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)
Uh-huh. Okay… hmm. Um. I don’t know what to say about this album. I have more questions than I do statements. Who ARE you, Mr. West? Or, who do you THINK you are? Where is the substance in this album? [referencing various consumer products and popular personalities doesn’t mean anything] What are your lyrics about (as cool as it sounds, how exactly does one put a pussy in a sarcophagus)? What IS your fantasy? [actually please don’t answer that] Why has this album gotten so much critical praise? I don’t understand. Mr. West’s Dark Twisted Fantasy IS an impressive studio effort, but as a whole, it falls way short of the hype. Sure, Monster and Power are cool (especially Monster - what a collab, and very energetic.. nicki minaj saves the day). But per my previous album review, the lyrics are important along with the music. There is nice layering and detail to the music, and its obvious that a lot of effort (and multitracking for gods sakes) went into it. It definitely has its moments but there aren't enough of them! As for the libretto [can i call it that? i’m sure he would] it just.. doesn’t make sense. Sorry Kanye, I can’t play along with your dreams.

Now for something completely different:

The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt (2010)
This is one of the greatest albums I have heard in my entire life. I mean that seriously. Since his previous album (Shallow Grave, 2008) Kristian Matsson’s sound has seasoned and become even more intense and honest. He is a masterful musician, going solo on every track but having the presence, focus, and finesse of an entire ensemble of artists. This comes through even on recorded media; try seeing him live. I have never seen anything like it. 

Having seen his live performance is by no means a bias, however, as I judge this studio album. The songs of the Wild Hunt are genius. The Tallest Man takes full advantage of his musical resources, his songs flying across all the strings of his various instruments. His voice is powerful, raspy, carnal. You can even hear his microphone clipping in a few places, but it adds to its gravelly, genuine grace. Lyrics are soaked in meaning. Some songs (like “King Of Spain”) seem to make little sense until one line elucidates the entire song’s meaning. Others are extended metaphors (“The Wild Hunt”) or even just abstracted conversations (“The Drying Of The Lawns”). Whatever the song, there is little meaningless wordplay like I might find in some pop albums (c.f. previous review), and misunderstanding a verse just makes me want to go look up the lyrics and read them over and over ‘till i understand. He has so much creative, even (dare i even say?) spiritual energy and power that I can’t help but be overwhelmed every time I listen. An amazing work. Please, please, please buy this album. If you to hear something truly special, you will find it instantly.

enjoy your weekend.

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