Monday, January 24, 2011

When Volcanoes Erupt, Dubstep is Made. And Ke$ha.

what most dubstep sounds like

Considering the success of my LAST dubstep post, and the fact that i have accumulated a couple good tracks lately, its time. Its time to unleash a volcano on your speakers. Look for a zip of all 11 (!) tracks

(in order of increasing frightening rawness)

Hotel Caledonia - Gaudi novelty track?
Okay, this is just here because there is no way you can turn down bagpipe dubstep. Like, seriously. Uptempo, with plenty of.. erm.. highland influence. I have bagpipe dubstep, you don't. your argument is invalid. 

Okay, not dubstep. And its Ke$ha. On the other hand, its FEED ME, who makes awesome electro house and dubstep (he is signed to Mau5trap if that tells you anything). AND: its an excellent mashup, with an off-kilter, strange buildup that is so gratifying. get this. play it at a party and people will be your friend.

Okay, now the dubstep begins. Almost Like a G6-like, but way better. And dubstep, with a semi-gated bassline that makes you move. sweet.

I have been waiting for this to come out for EVER. Skism is excellent dubstep. Do not miss this one for your life.. the buildup isn't the most ridiculous thing evar, but come drop time, skism delivars. awesome.

A kind of old skism track that i have been waiting for in 320. Downtempo, ominous... and with a fat ass bass drone for the entire length of the song, virtually. Its literally just there to vibrate your chest cavity, or tympanic membrane. Or both.

From an impressive young upstart dubstep producer (he's been around a while now), this track has some pretty buhdiculous synths in it. And its starting to get a little on the grimy, frightening side of dubstep...

Okay. A. i'm surprised this is the first dubstep song i have seen with this title, but b. it has a family guy sample, and c. it has a moderately frightening intro melody and hits QUITE hard. When langosta and I djed NYE i played this and someone asked me to change the song. If thats any indication.

Seems innocuous, really isn't. Love this track, getting you with the prog-ass vocal intro n shit. Yeah. then the bass literally rears its ugly, Akoto-esque (reference?) head. Gnar.

The name of the track doesn't even matter here.. the names say it all. 12th Planet and Skrillex WILL show you nasty. This is INSANE. Think of what a giant LP made of rusted iron sounds like when you play it on a turntable made of lead spinning at 100 rpm. Thats this song.

Skrillex appears again. Except this song sounds to me more like a giant Cerberus eating nuclear material. Thats just me, though. Don't take my word for it.

Okay, THIS is why you are here. This is the sound of radioactive dinosaurs having angry sex while eating each other. Also, i forgot to mention that all the volcanoes around them are erupting violently and the meteor that will cause their extinction is hurtling at them. Damn Foreign Beggars, talking about magnums n shit. they don't even know. Seriously, get this. Your ears will.. actually no. they wont thank you. but get it anyway.

I love dubstep,


  1. wow. descriptiongate 2011. put a lid on it, bro.

  2. at least I put my long-winded rants BEFORE the music, so people can just skip to the tracks and ignore the word-vomit

    brevity is the soul of dubstep

    or something

  3. actually i said there were 10 dubstep tracks and that there was a zip at the bottom. so if they really didn't care they would have just gone to the zip. if they did and wanted to pick and choose, my descriptions were there to help them. also, the songs were sorted by least to most filth, so they could have just jumped to the appropriate filth region if they just wanted a specific amount of grime from the post.

    suck a dick