Friday, January 14, 2011

Cause I Feel Like It #!

prolly write an  interblog post
the only reason i numbered this post is because i realize that when i have no thematic purpose to a post, its basically a random dump of things that are all worth your while. i think numbering them makes it sound more serious so you'll be more likely to listen. the only difference is that im starting the numbering system as the corresponding symbol rather than the number, !, @, #, and so on. lets see how many i can accomplish before i give up (or langosta kills me)! If you are a brave soul, look for the zip at the bottom.

beat music
Other Side (Nosaj Thing Remix) - Pollyn
This was in the No Such Mix. Its ALL in the bass. use good headphones for this one.

Coat Of Arms (Daedelus Remix) - Nosaj Thing
This isn't typical Daedelus - its more in the vein of Shlohmo and the WEDIDIT crew, but the chap knows what he is doing. Gold star.

Us (Jon Hopkins Remix) - Nosaj Thing
OKAY SO ITS ALL NOSAJ-RELATED, WHATEVER. this is an amazing remix off of Drift Remixed. Got me right from the intro.

Drop It Like Its Not (James Blake Harmonimix Remix) - Snoop Dogg
Okay, not beat music but de stijl in terms of its minimalism and blatant hip-hop influences. and its awesome factor, of course. (also used in No Such Mix)

Won't Let You Down (Original Club Mix) - Hagenaar and Albrecht
If you don't know what clubby Progressive House sounds like, this will inform you. Make sure you can hear the bass line though! [insert yet another douche comment about headphones here]

Heiress of Valentina (Alesso Radio Edit) - Dune
If you don't know what Progressive Electro House sounds like, this will inform you (with vocals in the style of Jean Valjean). Am i being a genre whore? sorry! DIS IZ AWESEOM

{Token} Dubstep
Make Our Day (VIP) - Funtcase
His name is Cuntfase if you switch the letters around, and he definitely stole the idea for the intro from Caspa. But if you want ridiculous wobble (reference?) with a tasteful amount of grime... delivered. (ps this was in the Bam Bang Bam mix)

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix) - Skrillex
Maybe i'm late on this, but god DAMN this is hot. It seems that when a dubstep producer remixes an original dubstep track, the result is probably the going to be one of the crazier things you have heard to date. I am thinking about Downlink's version of Swagga as corroborating evidence...

Novelty Track!
Office Musik (Clockwork Edit) - Dwight K. Schrute vs Weezy
if you like The Office. And, of course, RAP.

for teh indie kids
Hannah - Freelance Whales
If you haven't heard of these guys yet, i need to fix that. right now. 

Dandelion River Run - Mimi And Richard Fari├▒a
APPALACHIAN FOLK JAM. And besides, there is nothing better than a married couple that produces music (cf The Long Lost for corroborating evidence). 

I Want You - The Tallest Man On Earth
From his recent Daytrotter session. Because i'm in Tallest Man-land.


for teh indie kids: i'll be doing a proper, long-overdue indie/folk/whatev post soon. probably the next one. stay with me!

for brave souls: if you like every single song in that zip, you officially have eclectic taste. Crustacean Cognition commends you.


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