Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dem Bastille Boys

Bastille produce bangin'-ass house music. They also look infinitely better in skinny ties and suspenders than you ever will, and while carrying a pooch to boot.

We've been fans of them for some time now, as well as of their incredible EDM blog, Apes With Barrels. I can safely say that I got into electronic music mainly because of their gargantuan archives, which you should probably go raid right now. Seriously, leave this page and go do that.

Nah, but in all seriousness, they've been dozing a bit on the whole blogging thing recently. But not without good reason: they've been playing mad shows in the L.A. club scene (including one last night, I believe), as well as releasing a few new jams.

Who needs to wait for an official release? Clubs want this track now, and Bastille have done them an impeccable favor with a tasty edit of this surely-already-baller disco house track. VOTE FOR IT ON HYPEM (it's currently #12)!! [download...right-click/save-as]

Bumpin - Free Download in Description by Bastille
Original. And man, is it good. They pick a perfect sample, and turn it into an unstoppable dancefloor weapon: funky, catchy, and dancey. Really impressive work.

Grab the whole Bumpin EP for free HERE!

Go "Become A Fan" of them on the Bookface or whatevr.

Then reap the bounty of their incredible dance music/electronica archives at Apes With Barrels.

Lobster out.


Stray Light (Bastille Remix) - Night Eyes - Free Download by Bastille
An old favorite of mine. I can't get over the bass they use in this track, shit's gnarly as HELL. Electro house.

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