Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Satin Panthers EP [Hudson Mohawke]

Warp catalogue number WAP313: Hudson Mohawke's smashing Satin Panthers EP. Opening with the shimmering arpeggiated 7th chords of Octan, Hudson Mohawke opens the sequined curtains on his tiny treasure. The next four tracks of the five track ep all have a different flavor from each other, but retain HudMo's characteristic style: head cocking-ly odd, but body movingly catchy. Thunder Bay, the swagged-out second track, is built around a driving trombone-like bassline that feels like a convoy of humvees charging along at 80 miles an hour. Next is Cbat, described by one of our friends as 'strangely odd and surprisingly heavy'; opening with a  flourish a brass and strings, the track drops off a precipice into a cavernous, bassy kick and an enigmatic melody. All Your Love is a densely layered cake of synthtastic goodness, and Thank You wraps up the whole package in a grandiose finish of gated block chords. A one of a kind listen for 2011. 

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Octan - Hudson Mohawke
Thunder Bay - Hudson Mohawke


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