Friday, August 19, 2011


Flash Bang Grenada = Nocando + Busdriver

If you're sleepin, these guys are arguably at the forefront of the Los Angeles avant-rap scene. Nocando is the Low End Theory resident MC, and Busdriver's been doing his (weird/brilliant/hyper-eloquent) thing for years now.

They've got an album, 10 Haters, which drops on August 23rd via Nocando's Hellfyre Club. And it's got a guest list that rivals Dark Twisted Fantasy's in its breadth (and pure, unadulterated swag). For example, this jam's on a Nosaj Thing beat:

And here's a track with Nocando's Hellfyre cohort, Open Mike Eagle:

And then, if you're willing to swap websites for a second, they've even got a jam featuring none other than Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (who KILLS his verse), over some Shlohmo shit. You can stream it HERE.

You can download two tracks for free HERE (click the little 'down' arrows)

Fuck the time-space continuum.

Lobster out.

~ ~ ~

BONUS: the official, Busdriver-penned press quote announcing their inception:

"The evening has imploded on itself. And there you are fending against rabid conversationalists and an unmarked decibel that has torn into your very being. Your significant other's sweaty lower back is clinging to the lacquer brassieres of the morally bankrupt. What was your wallet is now a mound of putty with a hot coal burning at its center. How did this happen? Why is the emergency exit a hulking neon-lined vagina daring you to pass through it? And how did the DJ download your most cherished memories onto his Serato set-up, then blend them seamlessly into a Glitch Mob outtake? Flash Bang Grenada is how."


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