Friday, August 12, 2011


We regret to inform you that GOBBLE GOBBLE, one of our favorite bands here at Crustacean Cognition, is no more. Kind of.

To quote Gbl hivemind Cecil Frena: "We have been slowly coaxing this caterpillar into a butterfly with our fists. Check it out, girl-- a new face to fit both our past to date and the futuresex we are slowly growing into. Stand before a mirror, hold your palm over your right eye, and repeat Born Gold six times."

So we are now quite pleased to inform you that GOBBLE GOBBLE have been ressurected as BORN GOLD! You can get all the old Gbl releases (for FREE, mind you!) over at their old tumblr, you can get TOUR DATES (!!) at their website, and you can check out this revamp of an old Gbl favorite of mine right here:

Alabaster Bodyworlds - Born Gold

The original is from their first (and only) proper album, Neon Graveyard. While I love the original's melancholy murk and distortion, this version glitters with a bit more hi-fi. It seems to draw primarily from their live performance of the song, or so I gleaned from the last few times I've seen them.

Anyways, go "Like" or "Follow" or "Bookmark" all of the relevant pages at their website, and if you're as die-hard a fan as us, you'll pre-order their debut LP, Bodysongs, on Hovercraft/Crash Symbols. It's looking like 50% classic Gbl and 50% new shit, so I'm super excited (and wondering if the old tracks will come similarly revamped...). Comes out officially on 9/20, though if you pre-order you get the mp3s on 9/9! They're currently out-selling Bon Iver, Washed Out, and Panda Bear, which is pretty fkn boss. Tracklist and Album Art below:

01. Lawn Knives
02. End of Days
03. Decimate Everything
04. Morning Bath
05. Boring Horror
06. Wombstone
07. Wrinklecarver
08. Eat Sun, Son
09. Alabaster Bodyworlds
10. Early Birthday

Pre-order Bodysongs from Insound!!



That Way - Born Gold

Non-album track! Total jam. Incorporates a lot of house elements, interestingly, and of course it manages to be both creepy and catchy at the same time.

Alabaster Bodyworlds - Gobble Gobble

The original version of the above track, if you're interested.

Keep it weird, yo.

Lobster out.

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