Monday, August 29, 2011

Dntel/The One AM Radio/Geotic - The Soft Alarm Tour EP

So there's this electronic music producer named Dntel. Also goes by Jimmy Tamborello. He's half of the legendary Postal Service. He's one of my idols. Read up on him.

Then there's the indie/synthpop outfit known as The One AM Radio. I have been listening to their most recent album, Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread, pretty damn obsessively. I'll be writing a review of it at some point, look out for that shit.

There's also this ambient-electronica act called Geotic. It's the ambient side-project of one Will Wiesenfeld, also known as Baths. He's probably my favorite producer of the past year, and he's released every one of his (many) Geotic ventures FOR FREE! So get those.

Anyways, you can imagine why I was bummed when they announced a tour together (The Soft Alarm Tour) and I was unable to attend any of the performances.

BUT my salvation has arrived. In the form of a free EP consisting of these three geniuses remixing and reworking each other's tracks.

As one might imagine, it's really frickin good.

Go get it for the excitingly slight price of an email address!

~ The Soft Alarm Tour EP ~

Tracklist (in no particular order, as the artists apparently intended):

Clear Light (The One AM Radio Remix) - Geotic
An Old Photo of Your New Lover (Dntel Remix) - The One AM Radio
Jitters (Geotic Remix) - Dntel
Rock My Boat (The One AM Radio Version) - Dntel
Sunlight (Geotic Remix) - The One AM Radio
Union (Dntel Remix) - Geotic

Lobster out.


An Old Photo of Your New Lover (Baths Remix) by The One AM Radio

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