Wednesday, August 17, 2011


art by patkins
Ladies and gentlemen, a mix tape celebrating our summer listening. Consisting mostly of tracks from this year, but not without a forward-thinking perspective; 2011 ain't dead yet, and its future is looking good...

... from the bleeding edge of progressive electronic music, deep cuts from your favorite crustacean blog.

A Tank Full of

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Pillz (Jonwayne's Drum Circle) - Gucci Mane
Summer jam. IZ YOU ROLLIN?!?!?

Wake Ups - Salva
Funky, borderline Musak synth lines with a meaty kick drive forward until the chopped and screwed dance party begins.

VHS Nite (Starkey Remix) - BD1989
Its nighttime in a futuristic city from 30 years ago. And then the wobble HITS YOU IN THE FACE. One of our summer jams.

Sangria Spin Cycles - Flying Lotus
This slight rarity is my favorite Flying Lotus beat, hands down. Absolutely awesome.

Marriage (Baths Remix) - Gold Panda
Oh look, the other producer that I've been utterly nuts for lately. One of his most beautiful remixes, with sonics ranging from experimental scraping samples, to techno-esque blips and clicks, to those signature gorgeous piano chords.

Daughter - Magic Man
indie synth pop with an excellent bass hook and undeniable summer aesthetic.

Places - Shlohmo
One of the most inspiring producers of the past few years for me. He's taking his sound in a beautiful direction, and Bad Vibes is probably gonna wind up being my album of the year...even though I've only heard three tracks from it.

Panorama (feat. Jake Weary) - Groundislava
in my heart there is a panorama view. one of the best lyrical beat music tracks i know.

Leaving Home - Lapti x Jonwayne
More jonwayne? Whatever, this track was an instant favorite as soon as I heard it: a killer future-hop groove by Lapti, a brutal verse by the wayniac, and even some goddamn blues harmonica. SWAG

MothaLuva (I'm Stoopid) - Zeroh
This man has a poetic skill I've never seen the likes of before, EVER. He blurs words together in the most brilliant ways.

What You Need - The Weeknd
These guys have blown up somewhat of late. Some of the sexiest, darkest, most forward-thinking sounds I've heard this year. Get ready for Thursday...

Like You Mean It - Matthewdavid
We post music of all sorts on this blog, but if you find yourself liking all the really out-there shit we post, you need to listen to matthewdavid. He just nails this epic synthesis of fat, neck-snapping beats and blissed-out, experimental sonics.

Never Never - SBTRKT
I actually just discovered SBTRKT, and I am in love. His recent self-titled album takes an amalgam of UK dancefloor beats and effortlessly melds them with these incredibly soulful vocals (usually courtesy of Sampha). The result? Well-written, dancefloor-ready songs.

Other Side of Backwater - Ryan York
From his Leaving Records release, Zipperlegs. Asura has been one of my favorite producers for a while now, and this track is no exception. Bathe in these beautiful ambient vibes. My 2011 chillout track, for sure.

Marvin's Room (Shlohmo's Thru tha Floor Remix) - Drake
I'm not so sure i'm CRAZY about Shlohmo's newer, more reverb-drenched style, but this track kills. The percussion, the lyrics, its all so perfectly balanced in this heart-rending package. Even if you're perfectly happy it makes you wish you weren't. Powerful stuff.

The Matrix - Bassnectar
We drop BASS IN YOUR FACE. Blowin up the place blowin blowin up the place.

Glow - Mono/Poly
Anther summer jam. CRANK DAT BASS

* * *

///patkins/// and ~El Langosta~

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