Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Drum & Bass is a genre of dance music I've only recently gotten into. Aside from being hands-down the most awesome music to run to (and definitely the most dangerous to drive to, makes you feel like you're in an action movie. don't do it kids), it's incredibly high-energy, and there's just an awesome diversity in sound throughout the genre. Here's a sampler post. Got all of these from Apes With Barrels, as usual. Get all your dansemusik fixes there.

(sorry, no divshare players for this one. did it on the fly, so just download links)

Get Shakey (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) - The Ian Carey Project
The original is already a great track, but this version is just downright epic. Great chords, vocals, beat, and one of the most solid drops ever. I pretty much listen to this at the peak of every run I'm ever on.

I Need You - Subwave
Favorite track here, it's DnB but sounds so close to something you would hear Garth Trinidad or Raul Campos play on KCRW late at night. Like the Get Shakey remix above, it's part of a subgenre of DnB called Liquid, which I think is basically like progressive house is to electro house: there's more emphasis on musical aesthetics than on just making bangers. Which both of these nonetheless are. Get this if you get nothing else. And make sure to listen to it on a system with adequate bass, otherwise the drop seems really underwhelming. Suuuper subby.

Deep (feat. Jakes) - TC
MC Jakes kills it. Sick track.

Helium - Engage
The fellas at AwB described this as "tech DnB." They're pretty dead on; it's very dark and atmospheric, with all these techy, machine-esque sounds. Really awesome. Chase scenes should be written and filmed specifically for this track.

Act Like You Know - Nero
You've all heard the dubstep version of this. Honestly I like this one about the same, obviously the two have totally different feels, but that fucking bass kills pretty ubiquitously, whether it's half-time or double-time. AVE NERO!!

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lobster out. off to NY for the weekend!