Monday, October 11, 2010

Baths Kicks Assths

I like how our last two posts have literally followed the same basic format: "oh look, here's some new shit by artists we fucking LOVE and post on waaaaay too much." .....but in all seriousness, this is a song called "Ocean Death," performed live by Baths.

BATHS - Ocean Death live in Seattle WA USA from Kevin N. Murphy on Vimeo.

He's at the tail end of a big-ass tour of the US with El Ten Eleven (patkins reviewed such a show here), and this is a brand-new jam, possibly from his next album. He's been saying that it's gonna follow a much darker vibe, which I am super down for if it sounds as awesome as this. You can read an interview with him here, but here's a particular excerpt I liked:

~ ~ ~

"I have been thinking about 13th Century Europe where the idea of the devil and going to hell were actual truths to these people. It was not the way that that religion is now where you can take it or leave it. In that time period it was an absolute brutal truth, like if I do this certain wrong thing I am going to be condemned to hell forever. The zeitgeist of that time, that crazy fear is really interesting to me, that people lived every day of their lives with something which to me is really terrifying, I think that is a really interesting subject and vibe for music. I want to make music as fierce or creepy as that idea as well as incorporating a lot of ideas of death. But not in the horror of it, like in American horror, but in the more contemplative Japanese outlook on it. It can be a beautiful thing, even the process of it…"

~ ~ ~

So basically he's saying we should be really fuckin pumped.

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