Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Batch Makes Very Little Coherent Sense

I've just had some tunes kicking around my head of late, figured I should share em with y'all. Mostly Indie Rock, with a dance jam and some experimental/beat stuff packed in there at the end for good measure.

Like Eating Glass - Bloc Party

Bloc Party are probably the first band I became seriously obsessed with. This is off their stellar debut, Silent Alarm, which should be mandatory to have in your music library. The other albums are good too, but they never really topped this one; they just went in different directions and tried new things, which is totally respectable.

Up - Modern Memory

Freaking obsessed with this band/record. Expect a post in the near future detailing why I am so obsessed with Modern Memory. And their past, and their future, and everything else related to the brothers Faler. But just vibe with this jam in the meantime, and keep your eyes on this blog.

We Laugh Indoors - Death Cab For Cutie

People hate on Death Cab a lot. And while I can see why (cf. the lyrics from Plans...), I can't help but love them. They have an undeniably pop quality to them that I think some people find distasteful, but there really is so much there in the music and lyrics, I dunno. Fuck it, I like em. Though on second thought, the bridge to this song is pretty awkward. They pull that sound off better on the bridge to "Tiny Vessels." (youtube link)

White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes

I most certainly was not into Fleet Foxes back when everybody else was two years ago. That was my Electro/EDM phase, I had other things on my mind. But after hearing an acapella group here utterly KILL this song, I had to go back and see what I was missing. And man, was I missing. Gorgeous lyrics, wonderful songcraft, and vocal harmonies that will lift you high above this plane... Another essential album for y'all's music libraries.

Electric Boogaloo (Hudson Mohawke Remix) - Wiley

Jam Jam Jam. Super awesome synths, very spacey feel, then in come the drums and this shit gets tribal. Fuckin HudMo. What a boss. "Report to the dancefloor, honey..."

Weak Will - [Post-Foetus]

It wouldn't be our blog if we didn't post something related to Will Weisenfeld, aka Baths, aka Geotic, aka the bee's tits. But here's a track from his earlier moniker, [Post-Foetus], from the release The First Will Weisenfeld EP. Warning: EXPERIMENTAL AS HELL. I fucking love it, though. Spoken word lyrics over epic handmade soundscapes, touches of the pop sensibility that we love so much about Baths, not to mention the song is about not being able to talk to someone you love from a distance, who can't relate to that!?

~ [[ whole batch in a .zip ]] ~

BONUS!! (zip only!!): Baths - Mecha Joy (youtube link). An early Baths track that was a BITCH to track down in 320, as it isn't officially on any release that I can track down. SO GET ON THAT SHIT!!

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