Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tim Berg and some trim Beats

bad visual puns ftw!
hi there. so its tuesday, which means... absolutely nothing related to the mission of this blog. Anyway, this is a two part post; the first three tracks are all Tim Berg, or Tim Berg remixes (note that Avicii = Tim Berg...). All really awesome prog house or prog electro house or prog-whatever. 

The last four tracks are some fresh beats for you.. look for descriptions. thus the iceberg with speakers embedded ... i couldn't resist.


Awesome progressive house track... wish it had vocals, but hey. its awesome.

Porter Robinson takes Bromance, turns it into electro house, adds vocals, and makes it a fucking JAM.

With that many northern european names remixing this track, it better be good. and it is. The original version of Alcoholic came out with a TON of remixes, and i found this to be the best one. Heavy prog house banger... bedroom rave status!


This is from a new beat tape by Bahwee - definitely some interesting stuff. It was posted at WEDIDIT (link here) Its really chill and very hip-hoppy - but I definitely can't not move when i play this track. soo sweet. The whole EP is $7, but check out the link i gave you and the comments below it....

This is from the Teebs/Daedelus album from the Los Angeles series. Its only available if you buy it from them on tour (which i plan to do when the come to Boston 11/3 with the Gaslamp Killer). Anyway, i found this on XLR8R. Cool shit.

I found this one by combing his SoundCloud - i suggest you do the same. Theres lots of good stuff that artists post on their soundclouds (especially beat producers) that you can just straight up download. This is one of those tracks. It's a treat - syncopated, heavy beats with 0. rapping on top of em. Download this.

I found this on FMLY, i think. Essentially <3, slowed down and with interesting bleeps and bloops dropped in. Good homework music.




    fyi psycles is produced by jonwayne. if you don't know who that is, get on that shit.