Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Gobble Gobble!!

Reeeeally dark shit... metal vocals and a dubstep beat collide violently with the catchy hooks and top-notch noise-pop production we've come to expect from Gobble Gobble. Cecil Frena screams dark, visceral lyrics at you through layers of delay, while 8-bit synths cascade like waterfalls over an understated wobble bass and a crisp 2-step beat, until just when you feel starved for melody he gurgles a wordless hook before crooning in his signature distorted tenor: "move til' you can't feel..."

But to be perfectly honest, this band's music pretty much defies description. So just give it a listen, and be open-minded. Because I will admit that this shit is undeniably weird...

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Lobster out.

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