Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teebs - Ardour

beautiful album art, eh?
Teebs' Ardour LP came out today. Its fucking awesome, if you haven't looked into it yet. For the love of beat music, buy it here. Its rich, melodious and catchy. You can tell it was produced by a musician and not a pad-mashing, synth-tweaking music box... pure excellence. I am SO fucking excited to see him play here in Boston. There are some preview tracks below. Buy it here.

Moments - Teebs (via The Tape is Not Sticky.com)
Double Fifths - Teebs (via Pitchfork)


here are two tracks that El Langosta's favorite Dntel gave out for free. Enjoy in 320.

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    also I like how you're also on that dntel shit. mmhmm. (go to his soundcloud and get ALL of it!!)