Saturday, October 30, 2010

Etherea as f***

This post is about Etherea. He goes to Ithaca, or at least he did at the time of this release, which means he is really talented for a young dude. He makes music akin to Toro y Moi, in the sense that it tends to get classified as "chillwave" or "glo-fi," but there's an undeniable hip-hop/beat scene influence in the music as well. His myspace calls it "psychedelic....created in headphones, created for headphones," and I'd say that's pretty dead on. I guess you could call it psychadelic indie beat music, or "psychedelindiebeat"..................a genre name I just invented that I will proceed to squeeze all music under at some point.

Back to what matters: the music! It's really fucking good, and it's from all the way back in 2008!! That's the year FlyLo's seminal Los Angeles was released, for those who don't know...the beat scene was hardly the popular phenomenon that it is today. It seems this dude just slipped under the radar, I can't imagine him NOT blowing up in this current scene, where dudes like Baths and Flying Lotus are becoming HUGE left and right. And as a matter of fact, I can most definitely hear a FlyLo influence in his remix of Animal Collective's "College," not to mention that his remix of "Birdo" by Josephine Foster straight up reminds me of Shlohmo. Really lush production + super hard-hitting beats = good shit.

Also his only release is a free mixtape, the fittingly titled Free Etherea. You have no excuses. If you've got no room on your HD, then delete your fucking Girl Talk albums and give this stuff a spin. You won't regret it.

click dis––––––> Free Etherea - Etherea

Also if you really, really feel bad about getting rid of the Girl Talk, then let me inform you that he mashes up MF Doom and Wavves on the album. So click the goddamn link.

Lobster out.

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BONUS: new Bastille shit! That's the boys over at Apes With Barrels, for those of you who don't know. Awesome dance music blog, awesome dance music producers. GO GET.

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