Saturday, October 16, 2010

a weïrd batch

*golf claps to patkins for the more acoustically-inclined interlude*

Time to plug back in. We've got some weird shit for you right here. Open your minds and dive in...

Cryptic Motion (Mr. Oizo Remix) - Squarepusher

Mr. Oizo, aka the muse of those gentlemen over at Apes With Barrels, has mastered the aesthetic of weird-ass electronica. And yet he never misses a chance to bring the funk, either: chopped up slap bass, computerized vocal samples, and weird little pitch-bent clavichord breaks make this track an awesome little oddity.

Earth King - Newman Wolf

Baths posted this track on his facebook page; it's by a friend of his. Really neat indie/beat music stuff, a lot of the sounds in there remind me of Baths' stuff, actually, specifically "Maximalist," but the expert vocal chopping and drum work reminds me a lot more like Duke Dumont's remix of Lily Allen...this is a really cool track, it's well-structured and awesome. And most importantly, it makes me want to hear more from this guy. Indie/electronica/beat track.

Deadcatclear II (Baths Remix) - Themselves

I know next to nothing about Themselves, but as you're probably aware by now, it wouldn't be our blog if we didn't post a Baths here you go. No shame. Strange vocals, but not in a bad way at all. Great track.

FWUH 16 - Bomb Zombies

Bomb Zombies (best name ever!!) is the EPIC duo of Low End Theory residents Nobody and Nocando: Nobody on the sick beat and pitched-up hook, Nocando killing it on the mic as usual. Their Sincerely Yours EP is out November 9 on Hellfyre Club, Nocando's label. And I cannot freakin' wait. "Fuck what you heard, this is what you need to hear."

Trusss - matthewdavid

matthewdavid, a dublab labrat and founder of the almighty Leaving Records, is the shit. He's certainly at home with the L.A. beatheads, but he has a penchant for fucking with field recordings and tape manipulation as well, so his stuff has this incredible experimental/atmospheric vibe. I love it.

And We Gonna (Samiyam Chopsticks Remix) - Shigeto

Now for a certified JAM: Samiyam remixing Shigeto. Hell fuck yeah. Prepare to drown in heavenly sawtooth synth chords before the kick knocks yr skull in. Awesome percussion, bass, beat...Samiyam is a boss.

Ruby (Live @ Berghain) - Mount Kimbie

I know very little about the UK's Mount Kimbie, except that supposedly they put on one hell of a live show. And this track certainly supports that claim: it's super mellow, intricate, and performed live. I think they're generally described as "post-dubstep" (genre pigeonholing ftw), and you can hear why that is in the beat, but this is pretty damn far from dubstep, sharing more in common with deep house and UK funky in my opinion. But descriptions aside, give it a listen, it's a neat track.

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BONUS [zip only]:
The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix) - Lily Allen (<-- youtube link).
Beautiful. One of my favorite songs ever, gorgeous synths and brilliant vocal chopping. Worth getting the whole batch for, we promise...

Lobster out! Enjoy the music.

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