Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Electro + Lyrics (or, AN EPIC POST)

new album artwork, yo
WHAT? ELECTRO WITH LYRICS? well, okay usually it winds up being rap. and yes, there are many instances of electro with lyrics. i just wanted to find some sort of theme to bind this post together and give me an excuse to post this stuff. so here you go.

THE FUCKING AWESOMEST TRACK EVER. Lyrics from Sofi Needs A Ladder + Deadwolf Gartnermau5's Animal Rights. FUCKING ;LAKDJSF;LAKDJF;LADSKFJ. GET THIS.

Bass Head (King Fantastic Remix) - Bassnectar
What was a pretty ordinary dubstep track becomes a banging, smashing, EPIC ass track when you add profanities and verse. SO GOOD

Forever (Nero Remix) - Drake
Another rap/pop dubstep track, but with the production quality you would expect from Nero. Fat ass bass, a good one to drop in a live set. 

Epic shit!


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