Tuesday, October 26, 2010

indie new beatsz

dorian concept, featured below
Even after laying all that good shit on you last night, i still have more for you! The music scene never stops moving forward, so why should we? Most of this post is a bunch of indie beat-type stuff, including the up and comer Dorian Concept (see photo). He is actually currently touring with Flying Lotus (aka instant respect), and is much more than a pad-mashing producer. He dabbles in Jazz and in other projects, showing that he has the perspective on his music that i ascribed to Teebs as well. Besides Dorian, though, i have some more Baths and Teebs for you... and some Mau5. We stick to the favorites here, you know. If you want all the files, just head over to their folder (not a zip) here.

This reminds me a lot of eLan + Flying Lotus. Basically, a sweet sawtooth synth line thats had the shit syncopated out of it, with a catchy beat underneath it that is fun to dance to. Pretty cool. Then, at the second iteration of the theme, he adds a rumbling, heavy bass on the bottom to make the room vibrate as you dance. 

I've never heard this song before in my life, but it really makes me wish that ALL mass-produced rap could sound this way. considering that the Beat movement essentially birthed itself from rap tracks, now what makes a rap remix awesome is that a beat producer redid the track. 

Oh look, its the trio thats touring RIGHT NOW! all in ONE TRACK! Anyway, I wanted to post this with the stuff from Ardour (here), but thought that might be a BIT too much Teebs. I like this track, its very simple but still has Teebs' masterful counterpoint of lilt and thump that attract me to him. 

Baths put this out today, and Langosta linked me to it... Mr. Wisenfeld dismissed it as a sketchy thing he threw together in his apartment, but its still definitely Baths and therefore worth having. Its very relaxed, and somewhat reminds me of Nordic Laurel and some of his other projects (Post-Foetus and Geotic). 

I have no idea who Fol Chen is, but he released this Baths remix for free with his In Ruins EP. Its essentially Baths + echo-y, romantic lyrics. Again, Baths, therefore worth having and enjoying.

This is extremely entertaining for anyone that loves Deamau5 or knows his music well. AKA everyone here at this blog, don't know about you guys... also, really hoping he didn't mix this live. I would be impressed beyond belief.

Get everything here: Fresh Favorites folder

Seeing passion pit tonight...

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