Monday, October 18, 2010


They just keep comin'.

gah. so freakin good. brilliant animation, written to a psychadelic groove...put this on your "watch-while-stoned" queues. (though it's still great sober)

BONUS: two bangers by Mux Mool and Devonwho respectively, found over at 92bpm (GREAT BLOG, FOLLOW IT). Mind-blowingly deep kick drums on the Mux Mool joint, thick dense bass on the Devonwho. Whip out your headphones/subwoofer and prepare to have your soul massaged.

BONUS part deux: another banger, courtesy of XLR8R (what a boss website), this one a remix of Shigeto (who I will post on SOON) by Mike Slott. Who is the fuckin tits. Want proof? Check out his INCREDIBLE remix of Flying Lotus:

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