Friday, October 15, 2010

this is a mid-october indie post

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it's been a while since we have done one of these. probably since mid-september... anyway, here is a batch of music i have collected and curated over the past month or so that departs from our usual DnB, Dubstep, Beat music and electro indie side. a bit. There's a zip at the end, so if you feel inundated by links, head for the zippp.

Besides their AWESOME name, Timber Timbre have a very cool, sparse, bluesy-folksy-lets-go-roll-in-a-meadow type feel. This is from their self titled album, and is one of my friend's favorites.

King Tut. I don't really know much about them except that they have since broken up. However, their music is awesome. Its like Grizzly Bear plus wayy more post-production processing and more agressive, noodly lines. These two tracks are from their album Chopping Wood and Carrying Water but are not in any way the only types of sounds you will find on that album. Buy it somewhere if you can.

Meditative, almost baroque fugue-like banjo bluegrassy folk indieness. LOVE.

THIS reminds me more of our friend Baths than it does of bluegrass. These guys know how to do everything - not only can they produce intricate arcs of banjo plucking, they can chop it up and add samples and stuff and make what you find here. again, LOVE.

Train Song - Feist and Ben Gibbard
This is mostly here because i know El Langosta has a Ben Gibbard fetish and that he would really like this track. I really like it too. Its exactly what you would expect from these two. that is, simple, pretty and soulful. Plus i have a thing for male-female duets (nevermind that there are backup singers)

Honk Town - The Toughcats
I have posted (in a limited way) on these guys before. Anyway, i have a special place in my heart for the toughcats - they hail from an island in maine near where i summer, and they have been becoming more and more and more popular in recent months/years. That just makes me excited. I love these guys, essentially bluegrass folk-rock-ness, but awesome. think more improvised barn dance hall than big bluegrass festival in tennessee.

Iron Horse - These are two epic bluegrass covers (the hell with me and bluegrass?! i don't know) of popular indie/rock songs - the ubiquitous Float On (Modest Mouse) and New Slang (The Shins).
I love these SO MUCH. Get them both.

Float On (Iron Horse Bluegrass Cover) - Modest Mouse
New Slang (Iron Horse Bluegrass Cover) - The Shins

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